Society Information

  • Name: Bermuda Botanical Society
  • Established: September 1985
  • Registered Charity Number: 249
  • Contact:
    • Post Office Box 2116
    • City of Hamilton HM JX Bermuda


Calendar of Events


British Virgin Islands Botanical Gardens
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
Colorado Botanical Gardens
Mount Vernon
New York Botanical Gardens
Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh, Scotland

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Today is EARTH DAY, first celebrated in 1970. So, what gifts can you bring to our home, Mother Earth on this 'birthday' ? Some suggestions:

Support a local environmental organization
Plant native wildflowers
Add plants that attract butterflies, bees and other pollinators
Start an organic vegetable garde
Clean up your community
Cut back on plastics
Talk about Climate Change and attend the

LUNCH'N'LEARN event at the Bda College this week, Thursday, 1 pm, when local farmer Tom Wadson will speak to "Farming in Bermuda".

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